COD Mobile Season 8 (2023) Balance Changes Leaks: CBR4, Molotov Nerfed!

Call of Duty Mobile Season 08 2023 Leaks
Call of Duty Mobile Season 08 Leaks

Season 8 of Call of Duty Mobile is going to be the 4th Anniversary Season for the title. As the COD Mobile season 8 is not only less than few weeks away, there’s already been some leaks about the upcoming balance changes and weapon adjustments based on test server of Season 8.

The most satisfying leak among all of them is the mighty CBR4 is getting nerfed, in short it won’t be any longer an allrounder SMG, details will be discussed later in the article. In the beta test of season 8 various adjustments were added related to bullet impact.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 08 2023 Leaks
Call of Duty Mobile Season 08 Leaks

Bullet Impact was initially introduced in season 7. As few weeks have passed it was quite stable overall. Bullet impact for some weapon was mentioned. Such as,

  • Guns adjusted to bullet impact of 0.9: Fennec, Mac10
  • Guns adjusted to bullet impact of 1.1: M16, ICR, DR-H, Holger 26, GKS, Striker 45
  • Guns Adjusted to bullet impact of 1.3: AK47, ASM10, Man-O-War, EM2
  • Guns Adjusted to bullet impact of 1.5: Oden, XPR-50, SVD, M21 EBR, PKM, Crossbow

NEW ADDITION: From COD MOBILE Season 8 onwards, Attachments Will affect “Bullet Impact”

  1. Attachments that provide +10% bullet impact:
    • Type 25’s SP
    • BK57S 7.62mm Caliber Mag
    • HVK30’s Large Caliber Mag
    • QQ9’s 10mm Caliber Mag
    • PP19’s Large Caliber Mag
  2. Attachments that provide +20% bullet impact:
    • Kilo 14Ts 100 Round Drum Mag
    • DR-H’s OTM Mag
    • AGR-556’s 5.56 Caliber Mag
    • Striker 45’s. 45 Piercing Rounds
  3. Attachments that provide +50% bullet impact:
    • AS Val’s 15-Round FMJ Mag
    • Amax CR56’s M67 Mag
    • Oden’s Subsonic Mag
  4. Attachments that provide -10% bullet impact:
    • AK47’s 5.45 Caliber Mag
    • Dobvro’s Sorokin 140mm Auto Barrel

Balance Change of Weapons

CBR4s flinch has been made noticeably worse and its BSA has been nerfed hard with the current meta build having a score of less than 5 (11p scale). While its close range performance and ease of use are untouched, it can no longer take fights at mid-long range

Stats On Duty (@StatsOnDuty) / X (


  • Flinch increased: 0.8 => 1.1
  • Ads bullet spread increased: 28 (18) => 30 (22)


Rapid Fire Attachment:

  • Greatly decreased first range
  • Slightly decreased second range
  • Bullet Spread increased by 10%


  • Flinch increased 1.4 to 1.5
  • Range Decreased 13m -18m-24m => 11.5m-17m-24m


  • Increased YKM Ghost Stock’s Flinch: -35% => 30%

Kilo Bolt Action – Buffed

  • Increased base reload speed: +15%

Dobvra – Buffed

  • Decreased aim shake when firing

Man O War – Buffed

  • Decreased flinch: 0.5 => 0.45

HG40 – Buffed

  • Sprint to fire delay decreased: 140ms => 120ms

M4LMG – Buffed

  • Increased base reload speed: +8%

MK2 – Buffed

  • Decreased Ads time: 420ms => 390ms

Peacekeeper MK2 Adjustments

  • Increased sturdy grip tape’s flinch: -90% => 70%
  • Decreased firm grip tape’s flinch: -20% => 30%


UAV is getting huge nerf in cod mobile season 8. 2s of its duration will be cut off. So, the new duration will be 18s.Operator Skills


Two of the operator skills are getting buffed. These are:


Increased Duration 12s to 15s

Decreased recharge time: 300s to 270s


Damage Increased in 15m to 20m range: 20 to 25

Damage Increased in 20m to 25m range: 17 to 20


C4 is getting nerfed, this equipment is pure pain in the S&D mode. It’s explosion radius reduced from 5m to 4.5m

MOLOTOV is another annoying throwable in respawn modes, which is also getting nerfed. It’s good news. Molotov’s burning radius is reduced from 4m to 3.5m.



The “Survival Training” perk is getting a moderately good buff. Cooldown time has decreased from 30s to 20s.

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When will Cod Mobile Season 8 Release?

The official date of COD Mobile Season 8 (2023) is on September 7, 2023

What is Survival Training Perk in COD MOBILE?

After equipping this item you’ll become immune to single hostile tactical item. You’ll be immune to all of the tactical items: trophy systems, flashbang grenade, smoke grenade, concussion grenade etc. Currently it holds 30s cooldown but in season 8 2023 it will be reduced to 20s. Which will be useful if you play a lot of respawn matches such as Domination and Hardpoint.

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