Best Rytec AMR Loadout in Call of Duty Mobile (MP)

best rytec amr loadout call of duty mobile
Rytec AMR with "Rytec AMR - Master P" Epic Skin with Seasonal "Blistering Magma" Camo.

Rytec AMR is one of the most underrated Gun in Call of Duty Mobile. In this post we will discover the best Rytec AMR loadout for Multiplayer modes in COD Mobile. If one can master this weapon this can be most vital weapon for your victory.

Rytec AMR Loadout: Quick Look

Best Rytec AMR Loadout CODE: Rytec AMR-2A4B5B6A9C

Barrel: MIP Light Barrel

Stock: OWC Skeleton Stock

Perk: Sleight of Hank

Laser: OWC Laser – Tactical

Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape

Details of the Attachments

1. Barrel: MIP Light Barrel (Short)

-7.0% ADS Time
+5.0% Movement Speed
+5.0% ADS Movement Speed
+10.0% Vertical Recoil
-10.0% Damage Range
+20.% Hit Flinch

2. Stock: OWC Skeleton Stock

+15.0% ADS Movement Speed
-5.0% ADS Time
+20.0% Hit Flinch
+8.0% Horizontal Recoil
+8.0% Vertical Recoil
+25% Aiming Crosshair Drift

3. Perk: Sleight of Hand

-15.0% Reload Time

4. Laser: OWC Laser – Tactical

-3.0% ADS Time
-1.5% Sprint-To-Fire Delay
Visible Laser Sight

5. Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape

-5.0% ADS Time
-15.0% Sprint-to-Fire-Delay
+15.0% Hit Flinch
+4.0% Horizontal Recoil
+4.0% Vertical Recoil

Attributes Details of Rytec AMR Loadout

✅ – 20.% ADS Time
✅ +5.0% Movement Speed
✅ +20.0% ADS Movement Speed
✅ -16.5% Sprint-to-Fire Delay
✅ -15.0% Reload Time
🚫+22.0% Vertical Recoil
🚫 -10.0% Damage Range
🚫 +55.0% Hit Flinch
🚫 +12.0% Horizontal Recoil
🚫 +25.0% Aiming Crosshair Drift
🚫 -35.0% Lung Refresher
🚫 Visible Laser Sights
This is a mobility oriented loadout.

Advantages of this Best Rytec AMR Loadout

  1. This sniper loadout works well in the respawn matches.
  2. Its has fast ADS
  3. Fast Mobility
  4. This loadout has good accuracy
  5. It is one shot on the upper body region.

Disadvantages of this Best Rytec AMR LOADOUT

  1. This loadout is not suitable not for the Search and Destroy mode. Use it on your own risk.
  2. This Loadout has no silencer
  3. It’s hit flinch is high.

That’s it for the advantages and disadvantages for this loadout.

Perks I use with this gun are

Iron Lungs: Hold your breath longer for steadier sniper shots.

The attachment combinations decreases the lung refresher. That’s why I use this perk to make more steady shots while using this loadout.

Amped: Take advantage of faster weapon swap, throwing grenade swap and launcher reload speed (excludes pistols and melee swaps).

This is one of the most useful perks to use when you’re using the sniper in the multiplayer mode and you’re playing competitive or ranked multiplayer modes. Because it will make your weapon swap more fun and speed up your quick shots.

Dead Silence: Grants silent movement while walking, crouching or going prone. Sound spread distance becomes shorter while sprinting.

It is must while you’re playing rush. Cause, you don’t want your enemy to know your position or let them know your sprinting sound from distance. While you are in the enemy territory you can crouch to ensure the silent movement so that you can get more kills before enemy properly notices you.

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Some tips while using this Gun

Here are some tips to use this loadout in call of duty mobile.

  1. USE A GOOD SECONDARY WHICH HAS AUTO FIRE: To get better in the game you need to use auto fire enabled secondary to maximize the effect of this loadout. You can dominate in the long range using the sniper. And you can rescue yourself when an enemy is very close to you and threatening your life. Such guns can be: L-car, Rennetti, Nail Gun.
  2. If you want to use this in the Search and Destroy mode replace the “Fast Reload” attachment with any “Silencer” attachment.

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