COD Mobile Season 7 (2023) – Buffs, Nerfs & Balance Changes

COD Mobile Season 7 Buffs and Nerfs

COD Mobile Season 7 titled “Heat Wave” is now globally launched. This season brings tweaks and adjusted bunch of weapons. Learn which of COD MOBILE’s weapon’s got nerfed and buffed in this season.

Balance Changes in COD Mobile Season 7 2023


  1. Changes in Get-Hit Flinch Mechanism: Previously before this season Get-Hit Flinch had some problem in CODM. Firstly, the Get-Hit Flinch was same for all weapons despite being different in many areas. So, the weapons with the higher fire rate got advantage. Secondly, In hip fire all weapons shared the relatively fast recoil recovery, so it does not make sense to have Get-Hit Flinch while hip firing or aiming down the sight. To solve these issues, CODM introduces a new Get-Hit Flinch Mechanism in season 7.
    • NEW Get-Hit Flinch Mechanism: New Get-Hit Flinch Mechanism is independent of recoil recovery. It’s doesn’t matter if anyone is ADS’ing or hip firing, the Get-Hit Flinch received won’t disappear quickly due to the hip fire recovery.
  2. Bullet Impact: Now, Get-Hit Flinch will no longer just be affected by the receiver’s weapon, bullet impact from the attacking weapon will also influence the Get-Hit Flinch. Calculation of this will be – Impact coefficient of Attacking weapon X Get-Hit Flinch of Receiver weapon

Note: Weapons of lower fire rate may bring more powerful bullet impacts.

New Weapon & Attachments in COD Mobile Season 7

COD MOBILE Striker 45

Like every other seasons, COD MOBILE Season 7 will introduce a brand new SMG in the game. An SMG with high damage and mobility but it has low to medium fire rate. This is best suited for the mid-range damage attenuation and performs well in mid-range situations.

This weapon will unlock once you reach battle pass level 21. You don’t need to purchase battle pass. This is free for everyone. Although the seasonal battle pass includes an epic striker 45 skin at level 50, but that’s only for those who purchased the battle pass.


A drum mag that effectively increases lethality with high charging speed, but reduces mobility due to additional weight.

Buffs and Nerfs in MP & BR

A drum mag that effectively increases lethality with high charging speed, but reduces mobility due to additional weight.


Bullet Impact of all LMGs: 2

Sniper Rifle

Bullet Impact of all Snipers: 3

Type 25

Reloading speed: Increased


Reloading speed: Increased


Time is required for switching to Underbarrel Launcher

Underbarrel Launcher capacity: Increased


Reloading speed: Increased


Hit Flinch: Reduced



Reloading speed: Increased


Reloading speed: Increased


Firing performance: Optimized

Reloading speed: Increased

Firing Range: Increased


Monolithic Silencer: Fire Range Increased

OWC Marksman Barrel: ADS speed Increased


Reloading speed: Increased

Kilo Bolt-Action

ADS speed: Increased


Vertical recoil: Reduced

Buffs and Nerfs in Multiplayer Mode


Lower arm multiplier: Reduced

Damage: Reduced

Range: Reduced

MP Operator Skills/Tactics


Ammo capacity: Increased


Damage: Slightly increased


Adjusted the control method of Wheelson (Joystick)

Sticky Grenade

Fuse time: Reduced


Added an effective range

Effective range: Increased

Maximum duration of effect on themselves: Reduced

Buffs & Nerfs of MP Perks


Buff on burning damage resistance: Increased

Unit Support

Ratio of score bonus: Increased

Operator Skill charge bonus from teammate kills: Increased

Operator Skill charge bonus from self: Increased


Tracking duration: Increased


Sprint-to-fire delay: reduced

Buffs and Nerfs in Battle Royale Mode

BR Class


Now teammates can see the tracking chip range of their allies on the map.

Enemies’ outline can now be detected and displayed on the map.


Recharging speed: Reduced

Other Notable Changes

  • Mistouch Prevention Mode: Call of Duty Mobile Added Mistouch Prevention Mode in this season, when this mode is enabled accidental touch in the edge of the screen will be ignored if there are multiple touches.
  • Secondary Fire Mode: When this mode is enabled secondary weapons such as the launchers SMRS, FHJ-18 will fire automatically.
  • 2 Joystick Modes Settings: CODM Added 2 more options for the moveable joystick in the settings: Follow, Locked.
  • New Sensitivity Settings: feature of adjusting vertical sensitivity, ground vehicle sensitivity and air vehicle sensitivity.

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