Best Grau 5.56 Loadout in COD MOBILE (2024)

This Grau 5.56 loadout will help you grind ranked matches. It works like magic from mid to long range distance and against the SMG abusers.

Grau 5.56 is the most versatile assault rifle in the game. This gun has shorter time to kill and has a wide variety of attachments to choose from. You can turn this weapon as lethal as you can, this weapon is used most of the time during CODM Season 9, and seems like it will be one of the most used weapons in the upcoming seasons.

Grau 5.56 Loadout: Quick Look

Muzzle: Tactical Suppressor

Barrel: FSS 20.8″ Nexus

Stock: No Stock

Ammunition: 60 Round Mags

Laser: OWC Laser – Tactical

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Details of the Attachments

1. Muzzle: Tactical Suppressor

+5.0% ADS Time

2. Barrel: FSS 20.8″ Nexus

+28.0% Damage Range
+33.0% Bullet Speed
-12% Vertical Recoil
+12.0% ADS Time
-6.0% ADS Movement Speed
-2.0% Movement Speed

3. Stock: No Stock

-14.0% ADS Time
+3.0% Movement Speed
+20% ADS Movement Speed
+14% ADS Bullet Spread
+10% Hit Flinch
+8.0% Horizontal Recoil
+12% Vertical Recoil

4. Ammunition: 60 Round Mags

+30 Magazines Capacity
-3.0% Movement Speed
+18% Reload Time
+4.0% ADS Time

5. Laser: OWC Laser – Tactical

-8.0% ADS Time
-9.2% ADS Bullet Spread
Visible Laser Sights

Attributes of Grau 5.56 Loadout

🟢 Silenced
🟢 -1.0% ADS Time
🟢 +28% Damage Range
🟢 +33% Bullet Speed
🟢 +14% ADS Movement Speed
🟢 +30 Magazine Capacity
🔴 -2% Movement Speed
🔴 +4.8% ADS Bullet Spread
🔴 +10% Hit Flinch
🔴 +8.0% Horizontal Recoil
🔴 Visible Laser Sight
🔴 +18% Reload Time
Attributes of Grau 5.56 Loadout

Perks I use with this gun are:

Lightweight: Sprinting speed is increased by 5% and fall damage is greatly reduced.

Reason for using this: As you can see because of the loadout I get -2% movement speed, this is how I get a good amount of movement speed back.

Toughness: Flinch when being shot is reduced by 60%.

Reason for using this: The loadout has increased hit-flinch by 10% which can be tackled with this perk.

Hardline: Increase the points earned from killing enemies by 25%.

Reason for using this: I am using this to unlock scorestreaks faster and get ahead of the teammates in the race for the MVP. 😉

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