When will GTA 6 Come out – Everything We Know So far

It’s been a decade when previous installation of Grand Theft Auto was released. It has been so long that fans of this open-world game series have wondered when will the GTA 6 will come out. Here’s all you need to know about the most recent GTA 6 release date speculations, gameplay rumors, and leaks.

When will GTA 6 Come out?

This was the announcement from Rockstar games on Twitter. Which didn’t indicated towards any date or release year but they have confirmed about the development of GTA 6.

Analyzing different events related to the GTA 6 we’ve come to conclusion that GTA 6 will come out in late 2024 or early 2025. Which is also confirmed by Chirs Klippel a popular GTA leaker.

Translation: An important milestone in the development of #GTA6 has just been reached. Things should accelerate (internally at Rockstar).I think that a (real) announcement at the end of the year may be possible. In any case, I don’t see the game coming before fin 2024 ! 

Tom Henderson, a Call of Duty leaker, posted a YouTube video predicating that GTA 6 would be coming out in 2024 or 2025, and this was corroborated by Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier, who stated on Twitter that “Everything Tom Henderson has said about the game matches up with what I’ve heard.”

We think that GTA 6 faced release date shift several times as Rockstar games wanted the game to as detailed and better than the previous titles, that’s why it has taken so many years. But, the game was seen pretty ready in the leaked footages. The game maybe a year or two away from actual release date!

Gameplay Leaks of GTA 6

On September 18, 2022, large-scale GTA 6 test footage was leaked – 90 videos which totaled 53m 26s of test footage of GTA VI. As noted by Bloomberg earlier that year, early test footage shows the player playing both the male and female characters who make up the Bonnie and Clyde-like duo Jason and Lucia. In one of the most memorable scenes, Jason and Lucia are holding up a diner like the crazy couple from Pulp Fiction’s conclusion. In other videos, Jason can be seen going to a nightclub while Lucia stands on a corner and observes the passing traffic in the daylight. As the leaked footages became public and it caused few drawback for the company, the leaker was arrested.

From the leaks of GTA VI we can be sure of 3 things:

  1. There will be two playable characters Lucia and Jason.
  2. Vice City Metro labeled rail car was seen in one of the videos, that makes sure that the fictional city Florida is coming back in GTA 6.
  3. The game will be set in modern days as per the leaked footages.

What will be the MAP of GTA 6?

Speaking of locations, GTA games are famous for their immersive open-world settings. Word on the street is that GTA 6 might be set in Vice City, the fictional Miami-inspired city from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This has fans buzzing with excitement, imagining sun-soaked beaches, neon-lit streets, and all the criminal escapades one could dream of. Of course, this is speculation, but it’s a tantalizing breadcrumb that Rockstar has thrown our way.

Some rumors suggest that GTA 6 might feature multiple cities to explore. Imagine jetting from Vice City to a new location, like a modern-day Liberty City or a fresh take on San Fierro. It’s like a globetrotting adventure without leaving your gaming chair.

Playable Characters in GTA 6

There will be a female lead character alongside with male character. GTA 6 will be the first in history to add female playable character in modern Rockstar history.
There may be two different protagonists in GTA 6. One male and another Female Character. Which was also seen in a leaked gameplay footage.

Is there any trailer for GTA 6?

There is no trailer released for GTA 6 right now. Rockstar Games only announced the game only and didn’t share any teaser or trailer for the GTA 6.

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