What Does SOS Mean on iPhone?

What Does SOS Mean on iPhone

Hey there, iPhone users! We all know how important it is to stay safe and connected, especially during emergencies. That’s where Apple’s incredible SOS feature comes into play. So, let’s dive into what SOS means on the iPhone and how it can be your guardian angel when you need it the most.

Understanding SOS on iPhone

What Does SOS Mean on iPhone?

First things first, SOS stands for “Save Our Souls” or “Save Our Ship.” It’s a universal distress signal that has been used for ages to seek help in dire situations. And guess what? Your iPhone has its own version of SOS that can be a lifesaver!

How to activate SOS on iPhone?

Activating SOS is a breeze, folks! Whether your iPhone is locked or not, all you need to do is press and hold the side button and one of the volume buttons at the same time. Voilà! You’ll see an “Emergency SOS” slider. Just slide it, and you’re one step closer to getting the help you need.

SOS feature on different iPhone models

Now, here’s some good news for all your tech-savvy iPhone owners. The SOS feature is available on various iPhone models, including iPhone 8 and the newer ones. For those with iPhone X and above, you can also activate SOS by holding the side button and the volume button on the screen.

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When to use SOS on iPhone?

Emergency situations

Picture this: you find yourself in a sudden accident or a dangerous situation. Panic sets in, but don’t worry, SOS has got your back! In emergency situations, just activate SOS, and help will be on its way.

Medical emergencies

Health is wealth, right? In case of a medical emergency, like a sudden cardiac event or a serious injury, SOS can be your lifesaver. It connects you to medical assistance in a flash!

Personal safety

Feeling uneasy or unsafe in your surroundings? Trust SOS to alert your designated contacts and emergency services about your location. Your safety matters!

How does SOS work on iPhone?

Emergency SOS call

SOS not only calls local emergency services but also sends a notification to your emergency contacts, keeping them informed about your situation and whereabouts.

Emergency contacts

Remember that special circle of people you can rely on in times of need? Set them up as your emergency contacts in the health app. When SOS is activated, they’ll receive updates about your situation.

Location sharing during SOS

Thanks to the iPhone’s GPS magic, SOS pinpoints your exact location and shares it with the emergency services and your emergency contacts. It’s like having your very own emergency beacon!

Customizing SOS settings on iPhone

Adding emergency contacts

We all have different people we trust, right? That’s why you can customize your emergency contacts list in the health app. Plus, you can access it even if your iPhone is locked. Easy peasy!

Turning off countdown sound

Oh, that little countdown sound before the emergency call is placed can be nerve-wracking! If you prefer some peace of mind, just head to the SOS settings and turn it off.

Final Words

There you have it, folks! SOS on the iPhone is not just a feature; it’s your safety net during life’s unexpected twists and turns. By knowing how to activate SOS and tweak its settings to your liking, you can be better prepared for any emergency that comes your way.


Can I disable SOS on my iPhone?

Absolutely! If you ever want to disable SOS, just go to the Settings app, find “Emergency SOS,” and switch off the “Call with Side Button” option.

Will emergency services be notified if I activate SOS accidentally?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Emergency services will only be notified if you confirm the SOS call. If it’s an accidental tap, you can simply end the call and cancel the emergency request.

Can I use SOS when traveling internationally?

Of course! SOS works internationally too, but make sure to know the local emergency number of the country you’re in.

How to access emergency contacts without unlocking the iPhone?

In a hurry? Just tap the “Emergency” link on the iPhone lock screen to access your emergency contacts without unlocking the device.

Does SOS work when my iPhone has low battery?

You bet it does! Even with low battery, SOS will come to your rescue when you need it most.

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