Snapchat Planets Order The Dynamic Unveiling of Wonders (2023)

Snapchat Planets
Snapchat Planets Order

We all know about Snapchat, one of the most popular social media platforms. Snapchat Planets is an amazing feature of the Snapchat Gen Z crowd. In this article, we embark on a heartfelt journey to understand the beauty of Snapchat Planets, the sentiments they evoke, and the bonds they celebrate.

A Glimpse into Snapchat Planets: The Friend Solar System

Snapchat Planets introduces us to the “Friend Solar System,” a digital universe where each of us is a sun around which our closest friends orbit as planets. If you’re subscribed to Snapchat Plus, you’re at the center of this cosmic system, radiating warmth and connection.

The Cosmic Hierarchy: Snapchat Planets Order and Significance

Drawing inspiration from the celestial hierarchy, Snapchat Planets allocates a unique planet to each of your closest friends, signifying the depth of your bond. Just as planets are arranged based on their proximity to the sun, your friends are assigned planets according to their closeness. Mercury takes the lead as the planet of your best friend – the one you share streaks and stories with the most. Venus, Earth, Mars, and the rest follow suit, each representing a cherished connection.

Embracing the Meaning of Each Snapchat Planets Order

Let’s journey through the cosmos of emotions as we explore the meaning behind each Snapchat Planet:

Mercury: The Closest Companion

Mercury, the red planet, symbolizes your closest friend. Like the first light of dawn, this friend brightens your life with their presence, represented by four charming red hearts.

snapchat planets

Venus: The Kindred Spirit

Venus, the light brown planet, mirrors your second closest friend. Just as Venus shines in the night sky, this friend adds warmth to your heart with their yellow, pink, and blue hearts.

Snapchat Planets

Earth: A Third Home

Earth, the third planet, reflects your third best friend. Adorned with a celestial backdrop of stars, this planet radiates familiarity, much like the comfort of home.

Snapchat Planets

Mars: The Adventurer’s Heart

Mars, the fourth planet, signifies your fourth closest friend. A red planet adorned with stars, purple, and blue hearts, it embodies the spirit of exploration and friendship’s thrill.

Snapchat Planets

Jupiter: The Guardian of Bonds

Jupiter, the reddish-orange planet, corresponds to your fifth closest friend. Just as Jupiter’s gravitational pull protects our solar system, this friend safeguards the bond you share.

snapchat planets

Saturn: A Ring of Affection

Saturn, the orange planet with a signature ring, signifies your sixth closest friend. Like the embrace of a lifelong friend, this planet envelops you with love and warmth.

snapchat planets

Uranus: The Unique Connection

Uranus, the green planet, aligns with your seventh closest friend. The absence of hearts speaks of a connection that goes beyond words, unique and uncharted.

snapchat planets

Neptune: A Blue Promise

Neptune, the blue planet, concludes your cosmic journey as the eighth friend. In its desolate beauty, it signifies a profound bond, where distance is no measure of friendship.

snapchat planets

For those subscribed to Snapchat Plus, the journey into the Friend Solar System begins. A ‘Best Friends’ or ‘Friends’ badge becomes your guide. A golden-outlined Best Friends badge signifies mutual top-eight status, while the Friends badge indicates inclusion in their list. Clicking these badges unveils your position, represented by planets. Imagine the joy of discovering you’re their Jupiter, their fifth closest friend, in their cosmic universe.

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Exploring the Universe Within

As you explore Snapchat Planets, remember that each planet represents a story, a memory, and a heart-to-heart connection. It’s a universe within the digital, where sentiments shine as stars and connections twinkle with warmth. So, embrace the celestial dance of friendship in your personal Friend’s Solar System.

How to access the Snapchat Planet Feature

So we have discussed the meaning of each Snapchat Planets Order. Now we will know how can we easily access this feature. For accessing this feature you must need to subscribe to Snapchat Plus.

  • Update Snapchat App: Make sure your Snapchat app is updated. If you are using Android then check Play Store if you are using iPhone then check Apple Store, if the application is outdated then update it.
  • Snapchat Plus: First you need to subscribe to Snapchat Plus, this feature is only available on Snapchat Plus.
snapchat plus
  • Friend Profile: After subscribing to Snapchat Plus you need to go to a friend’s profile. After going to your friend profile you will see the Friends or Best Friends badge with gold outline on it.
  • Meaning Of Badge: So when you will see the Friend’s or Best Friends badge with a gold outline, there is a meaning for two of these. For Friends, the badge indicates that you’ve made it into their list of top eight best friends, but unfortunately, they haven’t made it into yours. When you see the Best Friends badge, it means both of you have made it into each other’s list of top eight best friends.

Now, when you tap on either of these badges, it will unveil your position within the Snapchat Friend Solar System. And to add a touch of intrigue, this closeness is depicted using planets, where each planet corresponds to a different position on their best friend list. For instance, if you find yourself as Jupiter in their Snapchat solar system, that’s an indication that you hold the honorable position of their fifth closest friend on the platform.

Final Words

From this article, we have learned about Snapchat Planets Order and we have also learned about how can we access this feature also. Hope you all will now enjoy this feature.

I hope you all have learned something from this article if you have learned and enjoyed this please leave your valuable comments and join our telegram group. See you soon another time anywhere on the Internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Snapchat Plus cost?

Snapchat Plus subscription costs $3.99 per month.

Can I access Snapchat Planets on any device?

Yes, Snapchat Planets can be accessed on both iOS and Android devices using the latest version of the Snapchat app.

What do the planets mean on Snapchat?

The planets on Snapchat carry a symbolic meaning that reflects the depth and nature of your friendships within the platform. Just like the planets in our solar system have their unique qualities, each Snapchat planet represents a distinct connection and level of closeness with your friends. These planets add a personal touch to your interactions and help you better understand the dynamics of your digital relationships.

What is the Red Planet on Snapchat?

The red planet on Snapchat signifies “Mars” in the Snapchat Planet feature. Mars corresponds to your fourth closest friend in the Snapchat Friend Solar System. This planet is adorned with stars, purple and blue hearts, capturing the spirit of adventure and camaraderie in your friendships. When you come across the red planet, you’re encountering a friend who holds a special place in your heart, like the thrill of exploring new horizons together.

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