4 Possible Reasons Why There Is No iPhone 9

Why There Is No iPhone 9

If you keep track of the news of technology updates then you must have noticed that iPhone 9 wasn’t released apple directly released the iPhone x after releasing of iPhone 8. So in your mind, you might have this question why there is no iPhone 9?

So why there is no iPhone 9?

There are a few possibilities on this topic but the most likely possibility is Apple skipped the iPhone 9 to avoid confusion with older devices.

1. Iphone’s 10th Anniversary

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It was the 10th anniversary of Apple when iPhone X was released, also iPhone 8 was also released in September 2017 and iPhone X was November 2017. The best possibilities and comments of users are they want to celebrate their 10th anniversary that’s why they have released the iPhone x directly and skipped the iPhone 9. There is Another thing is they did not publish iPhone 10 they published the iPhone X, x is a Roman numeric number because they don’t want to have any confusion about these things.

2. Major Software Updates

There are also other theories like in iPhone X there are some major updates like Apple introduced face id and other major software and hardware updates. By skipping iPhone 9 apple has given unique features which can differentiate all other models of iPhones. The iPhone X was the most expensive phone at that time so they have given users something new. This might be the possible reason for along with others.

3. Marketing Strategy

Apple is one of the best companies for its marketing strategy. They have done the best marketing with this move. Now people will learn more about Apple products and users will try to guess why there is no iPhone 9. A lot of big companies do these kinds of marketing they just avoid a single number for users so that the user’s mind will keep asking why there is no model of this number. Apple released new phones with new features per year. They have recently released the iPhone 14 which is the most hyped phone of the year. Per model apple release many variants like Pro, Pro Max, etc.

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4. Confuse Competitors

There are a lot of competitors of Apple products there are many companies that compete with Apple. Apple wants to surprise its competitors by skipping the iPhone 9. They may want to give surprise their competitors because there are soo many copy products of Apple in the market. They must have released iPhone X by skipping the iPhone 9 was one of the best moves so that the competitors keep guessing which they will release later.

Apple is one of the giant tech companies nowadays. They are releasing lots of products day by day and they will release in future also. Apple is keep growing with its new products they are making ecosystems with all of its products. These are the possible reason discussed why Apple skipped this model. Lets us what we see from Apple in the future what new products and features they will introduce to us and what marketing move they do in the future.


Why Apple Skipped iPhone 9?

Apple skipped iPhone 9 because they want to give something new to their users. They used this as their marketing strategy.

Is there any iPhone 9?

No there is no iPhone 9 on market. If you find this model in the market then this is not an official iPhone. It’s a fake phone.

Is the iPhone SE the iPhone 9?

No, it’s not.

Is iPhone XR iPhone 9

No, It’s not.

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