4 Reasons Why YouTube Only Showing Shorts: Latest Video Content Trend

Why Is Youtube Only Showing shorts

You might have questing in your mind Why is my youtube only showing shorts? Now, whenever you are browsing youtube you might be seeing youtube shorts in your feed frequently. Youtube Shorts is now one of the most trending things on youtube.

Why Is Youtube Only Showing Shorts?

There could be several reasons if your youtube is only showing shorts. Youtube shorts are 60 seconds vertical videos or some less in length. Is a new thing from youtube. Now it’s the most viral thing on youtube and other platforms also. Let’s discuss some possible reasons why youtube only shows shorts.

1. Youtube Shorts Tab

Whenever you are on the youtube app or youtube web there is an option for shorts if you are on this tab then you will only see short videos. You need to navigate to other tabs to see youtube videos.

Youtube Mobile App

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Youtube Web

Check if you are on these tabs or not. If you are on these tabs then you need to go to Home to see other videos.

2. Youtube Algorithm Changes

Nowadays youtube algorithms are soo intelligent that they will show you the exact videos you are interested in. If you are seeing too many youtube shorts and you are loving them then youtube will show you more of them. So how can you change it? Here is an easy solution for that just you have to see other videos like other variety videos so that the youtube algorithm will understand that you are now interested in other long-term videos and the algorithm will train himself for you and will suggest and show you other long videos.

3. Testing Phase Of Youtube Short Videos

Big giants companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and others before they launch a product they test it on users so that they can understand if users are taking the new features in a positive or negative way. So youtube is now youtube is testing these short video features. They are testing these in many countries if you are seeing the short that might be the reason that you are one of the selected countries so you are seeing these short videos features.

4.Limited Availability Of Content Creators

Youtube is a platform there are tons of channels. Some creators are only making short videos. If you are a subscriber of that channel then you are seeing their videos because whenever you are subscribing to a youtube channel it will show the exact content they are making and uploading to youtube. You can try to search for other creators who are making long videos and then subscribe to them it will show you the long-term videos for sure.

In summary, there could be several reasons why your YouTube is only showing Shorts. It could be because you’re in the Shorts tab, because of algorithmic changes, because of limited availability, or because of the testing phase. To see more regular YouTube videos, you can try watching a variety of different types of content and searching for other creators who produce longer-form videos.


Is It Possible To Earn Money From Youtube Shorts?

Yes, You can earn money from youtube shorts.

Why Is My Youtube Only Showing Shorts?

Because of youtube algorithm. If you are seeing too much youtube shorts then its algothim will show you more youtube short videos.

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