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mistaking iz 1 of my great hobby….I want to make every evening a memorable evening,i love my frnds,i respect relationship and trust evry1 in same hands i want trust wordy peoples around me. here i go.. At first i would like 2 describe myself as a very fun loving boyz, friendly,rude,lil bit stupid, talkative,sometimes very boring & moody,romantic,short temper,caring 4 only those ppl who truly cares for me,my family & frndz…i can sacrifice 4 u IF u r very loyal and good to me..sometimes i speak very straight 4ward datz y sometimes some people hates me a lot & as usual i dont care if they hate me.. i’m always confused sometimes i dont even know what i’m doing n why?? i usually mess up with every single thing :| i dn’t ve taken any wrong decisions in my life as well, i really feel proud 4 datzz :) though i’m very skinny but i just luv 2 eat a lot :D i’m addicated 2 chocolates,ice-cream,rastar habi jabi mojar foods etc… i’m a strong boy by mentally but also litl bit emotional and always try 2 keep myself happy !! hate 2 study but have 2 study 2 know some very essential things about da world :) extremely hate: my enemies; stupid ppl; backstabber; ppl who just born to lie; unbelievable selfish & greedy ppl; ppl who doesn’t care about his/her family,frnds,children; those girls who just want a bf or husband just because of his money & success & those guys who want a gf or wife just to have fun..i hate summer season; spending lonely times; cry for a stupid reason; amader desher hortal; traffic; reading books; boring class lectures; mosquitoes bla bla bla. . . . i love: my wonderful family; frndz; listening 2 music,music is da only thing which can change my mood easily..makes me feel good/sad..watching romantic and comedy movies; sleep as much as i can; hangout with my frndz; gossiping; ghuraghuri by ricksha; making fun of those ppl who thinks they r very smart & can do anything they want to; winter season; make up things; shopping; awesome weather & so many things!! =) i always wanted 2 be a successful …………………………………. i’m a good human being if u r nice 2 me & i’m a devil if u do anything bad 2 me,my family and my frndz..BE AWARE !! i have some amazing frndz..hanging out with my frndz is one of my fav things to do actually u can say itz my HOBBY =D n last but not da least i just LUV myself & will always do =] =] yeah i know it was really waste of ur time but thnx 4 reading so far anyway… STAY SAFE & HAVE FUN =)