11 google tricks-new


Google Layout Changed


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Type anyone of the following code and click on I’M FEELING LUCKY

Google 133t

google loco

google gothic

ewmew fudd



google bsd

google linux

google easter egg

google cheese


backwards google

google ninja

2) Download Files From Google Quickly


a)suppose u want to download mp3 songs of ur choice very quickly through search

type this code in google:

intitle:”index.of” kailash mp3

and click on search, this will give u a downloadable list of mp3 songs of kailash (indian Singer)

so u type this command in google and replace the kailash word with ur desire word and search mp3 songs

and download them!

* u can also search other files like Avi mpeg wav exe zip rar etc by replacing these words on mp3 word.

b) suppose u want to download a song named MITWA, type the following code and search:

-inurlsadhtm|html|php) intitle:”Index of”+”Last modified”+”Parent directory”+Description+size+(wma|mp3)


u can replace mitwa word with ur desired mp3 song name and search

3) Download E-Books


download ebooks in pdf format (run with adobe acrobat reader) on different topics like science

engineering etc… put this code in google search and click on search

intitle:”index.of” master.key.system pdf -htm -html -php -asp

4) Get Anythings Definition



Define: Mouse

and click on search, it will give u a suitable definition of Mouse

u can also search ur required through this code,

5) Google Calculator


type any difficult calculations and click on search e.g 2*3+5*6^4/3

now see the result!

6)Convert Curreny Values


type 1st curreny name in 2nd curreny name like this:

pkr in usd

click on search, now see the result.u can search euro pounds yen etc.

7)Time Tricks


type the following codes and click on search:

Seconds in a week

seconds in a year

minutes in a year

hours in a year


find any location’s time, let i find islamabad’s time

type and search like this:

what time is it in islamabad

cool Search any flight through google


suppose i want to get details of Flight 786 of PIA (Pakistan International Airlines)

type code like this:

PIA flight 786

9) Search Sites by its type


10) Google Holiday Logos



google holiday

and click on I’M FEELING LUCKY

11) Google-Yahoo Search Comparison



google yahoo

and click on I’M FEELING LUCKY

now new page comes,type anything u want to search.and see the comparison

12) Replace Google Logo Spellings with ur name’s Spellings


go to goglogo.com and type your name and click on CREATE MY SEARCH PAGE

Smiling smile?

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