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100++ Run Commands


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Accessibility Options : access.cpl


Add Hardware: hdwwiz.cpl


Add / Remove Programs: appwiz.cpl


Administrative Tools : control admintools


Automatic Updates: wuaucpl.cpl


Wizard file transfer Bluethooth: fsquirt


Calculator: calc


Certificate Manager: certmgr.msc


Character: charmap


Checking disk : chkdsk


Manager of the album (clipboard) : clipbrd


Command Prompt : cmd


Service components (DCOM) : dcomcnfg


Computer Management : compmgmt.msc


DDE active sharing : ddeshare


Device Manager : devmgmt.msc


DirectX Control Panel (if installed) : directx.cpl


DirectX Diagnostic Utility : dxdiag


Disk Cleanup : cleanmgr


System Information=dxdiag


Disk Defragmenter : dfrg.msc


Disk Management : diskmgmt.msc


Partition manager : diskpart


Display Properties : control desktop


Properties of the display (2) : desk.cpl


Properties display (tab “appearance”) : control color


Dr. Watson: drwtsn32


Manager vérirficateur drivers : check


Event Viewer : Eventvwr.msc


Verification of signatures of files: sigverif


Findfast (if present) : findfast.cpl


Folder Options : control folders


Fonts (fonts) : control fonts


Fonts folder windows : fonts


Free Cell …: freecell


Game Controllers : Joy.cpl


Group Policy (XP Pro) : gpedit.msc


Hearts (card game) : mshearts


IExpress (file generator. Cab) : IExpress


Indexing Service (if not disabled) : ciadv.msc


Internet Properties : inetcpl.cpl


IPConfig (display configuration): ipconfig / all


IPConfig (displays the contents of the DNS cache): ipconfig / displaydns


IPConfig (erases the contents of the DNS cache): ipconfig / flushdns


IPConfig (IP configuration cancels maps): ipconfig / release


IPConfig (renew IP configuration maps) : ipconfig / renew


Java Control Panel (if present) : jpicpl32.cpl


Java Control Panel (if present) : javaws


Keyboard Properties: control keyboard


Local Security Settings : secpol.msc


Local Users and Groups: lusrmgr.msc


Logout: logoff


Microsoft Chat : winchat


Minesweeper (game): winmine


Properties of the mouse: control mouse


Properties of the mouse (2): main.cpl


Network Connections : control NetConnect


Network Connections (2): ncpa.cpl


Network configuration wizard: netsetup.cpl


Notepad : notepad


NView Desktop Manager (if installed): nvtuicpl.cpl


Manager links: packager


Data Source Administrator ODBC: odbccp32.cpl


Screen Keyboard: OSK


AC3 Filter (if installed) : ac3filter.cpl


Password manager (if present): Password.cpl


Monitor performance : perfmon.msc


Monitor performance (2): perfmon


Dialing Properties (phone): telephon.cpl


Power Options : powercfg.cpl


Printers and Faxes : control printers


Private Character Editor : eudcedit


Quicktime (if installed) : QuickTime.cpl


Regional and Language Options: intl.cpl


Editor of the registry : regedit


Remote desktop connection : mstsc


Removable Storage: ntmsmgr.msc


requests the operator to removable storage: ntmsoprq.msc


RSoP (traduction. ..) (XP Pro): rsop.msc


Scanners and Cameras : sticpl.cpl


Scheduled Tasks : control schedtasks


Security Center : wscui.cpl


Console management services: services.msc


shared folders : fsmgmt.msc


Turn off windows : shutdown


Sounds and Audio Devices : mmsys.cpl


Spider (card game): spider


Client Network Utility SQL server : cliconfg


System Configuration Editor : sysedit


System Configuration Utility : msconfig


System File Checker (SFC =) (Scan Now) : sfc / scannow


SFC (Scan next startup): sfc / scanonce


SFC (Scan each démarraget) : sfc / scanboot


SFC (back to default settings): sfc / revert


SFC (purge cache files): sfc / purgecache


SFC (define size CAHC x) : sfc / cachesize = x


System Properties : sysdm.cpl


Task Manager : taskmgr


Telnet client : telnet


User Accounts : nusrmgr.cpl


Utility Manager (Magnifier, etc) : utilman


Windows firewall (XP SP2) : firewall.cpl


Microsoft Magnifier: magnify


Windows Management Infrastructure: wmimgmt.msc


Protection of the accounts database: syskey


Windows update: wupdmgr


Introducing Windows XP (if not erased) : tourstart


Wordpad : write


Date and Time Properties : timedate.cpl

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