Cell Control is a remote phone spy computer software.


As an real user I will disclose precisely how Cellular phone Handle operates, Mobile Handles good points AND its bad points and whether or not this reviewer – me – suggests a person individual and use cell control spy for remote cell phone monitoring.

To suit your needs research with this evaluation here is the Cell Control Spy website.

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Cell Control is a remote phone spy computer software. When you check out the Cell Control secret agent internet site you will see the particular claims of this remote mobile spy program are quite incredible. The list of spy features include:

• See details of every phone call made by the target cell phone.
• Spy on all text messages sent and received.
• Track the physical location of the particular target cell.
• Listen to live calls in progress.
• View the contacts in the cell phones phone book/contact list.
• View photos captured with the target device.

Some other as compared to the live, throughout progress, phone call monitoring feature all of the cell phone monitor features are quite regular with most ALL cell phone spy programs. So the spying features of Cellular Manage did not impress me in particular. A big part of Cell Controls controversy is not whether or not Cell Control itself is any good but the issue is whether or not remote spying and remote deploy of mobile or portable secret agent software can be at all possible. To me this controversy over Cell Control makes me laugh because remote spying has been a part of the military for YEARS now. There is nothing magical about remote spying OR remote cell phone spying. It has only recently been available to the public.

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The most impressive thing about Cell Control, to me, is the fact there are totally Simply no MONTHLY Or even Continual fees. Mobile phone Control costs a one time only payment of $69. (there is talk of it going BACK up to its original $119) There is only one other GOOD cell phone spy with no recurring fees and that is Spybubble. The big problem with Spybubble is you have to get access to the cell phone you want to spy on to install the spy program. If that were not a problem you would not be reading this Cell Control review right now. Cell Control is also MADE and produced by the Cell Control web site. They are not just a reseller of the spy software. They make the spy software. If you have questions and want answers that is real important

Everything with Cell Control WORKS as promise EXCEPT being able to view the contacts in the phones contact list. I have yet to be able to figure this one out and their support staff tells me they are working on it so maybe in the near future that one bug will hopefully resolved. The other slight issue is when I tap into and listen to live ongoing cell phone conversations, once in a great while, I get a static kind of noise in the background. I am sure the other two people in the cell phone conversation can’t hear it because no one has ever made mention of hearing static or mentioning a bad connection. When the live conversation spying has a little static in the background it is not bad enough I can’t clearly hear what the parties in the cell phone conversation are saying. It is more just a little irritating. I am told that is being worked on as well.

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