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Anonymous Chat Websites are those website portals that allow you to chat with someone, who is a complete stranger. These websites do not disclose the identity of the person you are chatting on the website with. They do not reveal your identity as well and thus keep it ‘Anonymous.’ There are many websites available for ‘Anonymous’ chats. We will discuss some of the very popular ones, which let you chat with someone across the website, without knowing his personal details.

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Strangermeetup is an anonymous text chat website, where you can start chatting with a random stranger. The only limitation which is an advantage instead is that you can only text chat with the stranger. Although to be sure that on the opposite end an opposite sex member is sitting, there is an option given to request photo. For chatting , no login or registration is required. just click the button chat with a stranger and start chatting in seconds. Also, its highly addictive, when i first discovered the site, i chatted endlessly for hours for few weeks straight and wasted one full month.


The website is developed by a Russian, named Andrey Ternovsky, who was just 17-year-old when he developed the website, inspired from Skype.
Chatroulette is basically website for two people to video-chat using the webcam. Anybody who wants to sign up on Chatroulette has to be above 18 years of age. The anonymity is maintained when you use the Chatroulette. Chatroulette would just randomly pair two people to have an interaction with. With Chatroulette, you can terminate the current connection with your pair and a find a new one. The website grew rapidly just by mouth publicity, without any advertising. The video chat is supported by Adobe Flash.
You need to sign-up with the website in order to use the online service. There is a premium version available, where in a user can purchase tokens for $10 to get 100 premium connections. Similarly, a user can pay $50 to get 500 premium connections. The premium account will get you tokens, which can be used to connect to specific gender only. For e.g. a male user can use his tokens to connect specifically to the female user.
The website can be used to do a lot of engaging things. There is an option where a user can also draw any random things on the space provided. Some details can be filled on the website, but that is totally optional as most of them want to have fun for some time, so not everyone would bother about what you write on Chatroulette. People also treat this website as a dating service, where a lot of people want to find out new people and try to date them online.
With Chatroulette, you can choose to have a conversation with the other person that you are paired with, using the webcam or not. There are options for audio and text as well. You can use all the options available simultaneously to interact with your partner on Chatroulette. The website comes with an algorithm that is devised to remove inappropriate content. And you can also report a certain person for the inappropriate behavior, which will block the account of that user. Most of the users on Chatroulette are from United States of America, France and Germany.



Omegle is a major chat website available online for people who don’t wish to reveal their identity. Omegle is one of the most used website for anonymous chatting. The website was developed by another teenager Leif K Brooks. The website is into the market since six years.
Omegle is a great website and has a very simple interface to be used. The website does not even have any hassles related to signing up. There is no registration, you can simply log in and connect to random strangers and interact. You can disconnect with that particular stranger and then move on to someone else. There is a provision for text chat and video chat as well.
Different countries have their own version of Omegle . When Omegle was launched, it only allowed users to chat through texts, but later on, with course of time, video-chatting was enabled. People from Facebook friend-list can be added to the Omegle and you can mention your interests, so that similar people can be found on the website for interaction, having similar interests.
There is a spy-mode, where a user leaves a question to be discussed by a two other people, who are strangers. The person who asks the question cannot be a part of the discussion between the strangers. But can see the discussion happen. In addition, people can take a question and discuss. This is more like an engagement activity where people are involved and website does not have to be extra creative to engage people, they themselves can ask questions and have fun. However, nudity and inappropriate content is not allowed on the website.
The minimum age requirement is 13+ with parental supervision or an adult of 18+ years of age.



iMeetzu is also a website for anonymous chatting online. iMeetzu allows the user to connect to people across any region. There are various chat options available through iMeetzu. One can either choose text chat or video chat. A user can also indulge into a group chat.
iMeetzu has various other unique options that some online chatting websites do not have. iMeetzu has got a range of filtering options available, a user can choose a minimum and maximum age of the person he wants to chat with. He can also select the gender of the person, and also select specifically by the country. One filter also lets you select ‘has image’ or ‘Don’t Care,’ which shows your preference for a person with photo while you search. The filtering options actually narrows to the people whom you want to interact with. This is a good option as it takes your preferences in to account and eliminates a long list of people, who would have been uninteresting to you.
Registration is not compulsory; you need to register only if you want to connect to specific people. So you have a liberty to connect to your Facebook friends by registering on the website or just get started. So that is definitely a distinguishing factor along with the ability to create group chats.



TinyChat is an online video chatting portal. Although it allows the users to use audio chats and text messages, video-chatting is the thing which made TinyChat quite famous. TinyChat allows the user to chat with multiple people simultaneously. This extra feature given by TinyChat to the users is really amazing and very unique.
Here a user is able to start conversation with a stranger by creating a new subject related category; people interested to interact on the same topic will come in and contribute to the discussion. These discussions could be related to anything and everything. Some popular ones are about entertainment, technology, comedy, teenage etc.
The account can be upgraded by signing up. You can also sign up using your Facebook account. But, a normal account doesn’t need any signing up and you can just browse through various categories and choose for yourself. There is application available for TinyChat as well. Another interesting feature that TinyChat comes along with is that, you can broadcast your video feed to multiple people on the website.
You can check out with filtering options that are available, like under which category you want to find people and also lets you search people within certain distance from your locality. Similarly, age can also be entered-in, to find a suitable match along with the desired gender.

A Nice Chat


A Nice Chat is a very simple online chat service available. To use ‘A Nice Chat,’ you don’t have to create any account. All you need to do is just choose a nickname and start off. A Nice Chat is a text-only service, which can let you chat with any stranger.
Here, after entering your nickname, you will see another stranger’s nickname on the screen and you can start chatting. You cannot know any details of the person you are chatting with, because there is no profile or anything and is plain and outright simple. You can only reveal your details in the chat, only if you find that safe. But, for most of the people, it is just very temporary and for the sake of fun, so people do not take this seriously at all. There is no scope for anything else than text chats, no provision for voice and audio chat.
For people who just want to spend some time in chatting with a stranger without wanting to see his face and hear his voice, this is a great platform. If you don’t like someone, or even his nickname, you can just terminate and proceed for the next person. There are absolutely no filtering options available, so you cannot pick any gender of your choice, nor can you choose any range for the age. Therefore, you can land up chatting with a person who could be of any gender and any age, the only possible way to find out is to ask that person.
It is certainly recommended for people who want to have a quick fun, without wanting to reveal their identity and also save internet data, because all you need to interact on ‘A Nice Chat’ is a flash player.



Paltalk offers text chatting, video chatting and voice chatting options to the user. Paltalk has a great designed interface to operate and use. The virtual feel factor is certainly there. However, to you use Paltalk; you need to download the software into your machine. There is version available for mobile users (Paltalk Mobile) as well. You can even use a flash version (Paltalk Express) on other operating System, if you are not using Microsoft Windows Operating System.
So, if you are not a member, you would need to download the software and if you are already an existing one, then you can just sign-in online using your nickname and password. A user can create chat room for people to join in the chat room and contribute. A feature that is quite entertaining and keeps you hooked on the Paltalk, is the Online Radio. This feature lets you hear the songs played on the radio, while you are still connecting to somebody over the internet. So, it is likely that you will not get irritated by unwanted strangers very easily.



Zobe is an interactive online chatting service, which is absolutely easy and requires a minimum speed on the internet to be connected. All you have to do is pick a nickname that suits you and enter the age range, where you belong in and just select the gender and begin the fun-journey. There is no signing-up or any registration.
You are anonymous in every way, and you can just start chatting in the group. Here, with Zobe, you can group chat and also chat individually. To chat individually, there is concept called ‘Karma.’ This concept allows the user to be popular on the webpage and earn ‘Karma,’ the person you want to chat privately has certain number of karma with him/her. Your karmas should match his/her, for you to chat individually to that particular person. You can get karma tokens by solving the Captchas that are being displayed on the right side of the screen. You can either join a group that is already present or create your own and moderate it.



Teenchat.com is very similar to Zobe and works in the same fashion. It allows you to enter the chat room without signing-up procedures. It even lets you create private chat options, but the same concept of karma tokens is followed.



Although, the names are similar for both of these websites, the domain extensions are different. This particular website has more options for you to chat and at the same time remain anonymous. You can start with entering your nickname. There is a group chat option available, where you can just start off with entering the text. You can even send voice messages. There are other options that can let you have a conversation privately with the list of strangers available online.
There are lots of emoticons available, which make the conversation more engaging. You can invite people from Facebook and twitter on the Teen-Chat for playful conversations. Other interactive things are to be able to share videos by taking them from webcam. You can even make your own set of friends, whom you can chat with at any later point of time. You can even play an online game available.



Chatrandom can be seen as a near alternative to Chatroulette. The anonymous chat website comes with multi-language support. You can either enter into a group, in order to text chat or randomly video chat with a stranger. You can keep on changing the partner until you are okay with what you get.

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