5 Chrome Extensions for more Safe and Secure Browsing


No doubt, Google Chrome is a best, fast and secure web browser! But it never hurts to bolster your defenses, and there are plenty of good chrome extensions for doing just that over in the official Google Chrome Extensions Gallery. Today we are compiling a list of five chrome extensions for more safe and secure browsing experience.

WOT chrome extension

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The WOT chrome extension is a safe surfing tool for your browser. Traffic-light rating symbols show which websites you can trust for safe surfing, shopping and searching on the web.
WOT ratings are powered by a global community of millions of trustworthy users who have rated millions of websites based on their experiences.

The WOT extension provides reputation ratings to search results when you use Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Wikipedia and other popular sites, helping you protect your computer and personal information. Your online email account – Google Mail, Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail is also protected.

View Thru chrome extension

There are infinite links floating around you on internet, but they can also be a big threat to your safety. This chrome extension will expand short URLs and display the full URL as a tool tip over the short URL, which includes the title of the destination page and its unshortened URL.. Short URLs from *****, *****, ff.im, goo.gl, is.gd, nyti.ms, ow.ly, post.ly, su.pr and ******.com are supported.

McAfee SiteAdvisor chrome extension

If you don’t recognize the WOT chrome extension and aren’t sure about its ratings, you may well want to check out McAfee’s Site Advisor extension. This extension will be based on McAfee SiteAdvisor and will warn / inform you about the ratings of the page you are visiting. unlike WOT, Site Advisor doesn’t display ratings next to all the links on a page and it will only prevent access to untrusted sites
If you choose not to load the exploit url(Options page), it will be automatically re-directed to Siteadvisor, where you can see the full details about the website you are about to visit.

FlashBlock chrome extension

FlashBlock chrome extension automatically blocks flash content on webpages but if you need flash on some particular sites then you can also create a whitelist of allowed websites via a configuration panel. Each flash element is being replaced with a placeholder that allows you to load only selected elements on a given page.

FlashBlock chrome extension also helps with lowering memory usage, reducing cpu cycles, and can be used as an alternative to AdBlock. It works completely locally, and does not read,use,load or transmit any data, thus guarantees user privacy and safety.

KB SSL Enforcer chrome extension

Many popular Web sites offer secure SSL encrypted versions of their login pages, but they don’t send users there by default. If you’d prefer to see the lock icon and https:// at the start of your Omnibar, before typing your details into any site, check out this extension. It has some great features such as: Automatically detects if a site supports SSL (TLS) and redirects you to it, Flexible options for overriding the auto-detection, Caches which sites support SSL (respects incognito mode).

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