Why Do I Need A Web Site? What is Web Hosting?


Everyone is on facebook and twitter, does my business really need a web site? Isn’t facebook really my web site these days?

These questions are common for businesses that have been starting up the last couple of years – especially businesses that focus on a non-online basis (say a local retail store). Facebook and other social mediums like LinkedIn, MySpace, and Twitter – all give you a little space to publish your message. Think of it as a small bill board that you get for free with facebook and other social media sites. But if you want to provide a branded and interactive experience that drives business to you – then having your owb web site is crucial.

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Think you don’t need a web site – because you just have local clients who come to your shop? You can get more local clients aware of your buisness by having a web site, combined with using the social media tools. But having your own web site lets you setup email news letters (so you can re-announce to your current clients to come back in during promotional periods), as well as sell direct to people outside your region. Any business can use more business – opening your self up to the world for client with a strong web site can only help (it never hurts!). Even if you are a local retailer, focused on walk in sales only – a web site won’t hurt you, it will only help promote more people to come in and check you out!

First, we need to define what is web hosting.Why Do I Need A Web Site? What is Web Hosting?

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that
allows individuals or organizations to make their website visible on
the Internet. This can very greatly from a simple Static web page to
a trully interactive video rich experience that drives sales through an online e-commerce shopping cart. Web hosting companies provide
space on a server owned or leased for use by clients that typically
includes internet connectivity housed in a datacenter. Web hosts can
also provide data center space and connectivity for other advanced needs beyond just web site hosting, such as an office’s central file server, mail server, or even virtual desk tops. Web Hosting is the most common and basic form of what commonly today is refered to as “Cloud Hosting”, or “The Cloud” since your web site resides out on the internet, allowing anyone to access the information you want publicized.

How do you get your own web site and start web hosting?

You would contact a hosting provider such as TOS HOST. You
would then decide on whether you’re looking for a quick and easy web site to build, or perhaps something more involved that might include your own shopping cart to sell products online, an email newsletter to promote recurring businesses, and even your own blog to publish content to attract new visitors.

If you’re looking to start up your own hosting company, reseller hosting is the way to go. However, if you’re like most people, you’re attempting to host your website so that you can
bring traffic to your business. You could accomplish your goals by
purchasing a cPanel web hosting account. A cPanel account allows you to have a
location where you store your files, setup email along with a myriad
of tools.

Next time we will go deeper into this mysterious world of reseller
hosting vs cpanel web site hosting- as well as some great tips on how to make your web site stand out!
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Unlimited Web Hosting
Unlimited Web Hosting

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