Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Tricks and Tips


Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Tricks and TipsThe Great Mobile Phone Samsung Galaxy S3 has Proved to be one of the most Sold Mobile Phone as per the Records in the UK. This seems to be due to its slick ICS equipped UI, Quad-Core Processor, Curved Contours and the HD 8-megapixel Camera.

By looking at the Samsung Galaxy S3 Review and Full Phone Specification, we were quite Impressed by the High Resolution Camera. The all new Samsung Galaxy S3 has the same Lens and Sensor as the Galaxy S2 but it seems that Samsung has Optimized the Software and has Improved the Picture Quality and added many New Features.

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Looking forward to the great Camera of Samsung Galaxy S3, we here today provide you with some of the Tricks and Tips to get the Maximum Best possible out of your Samsung Galaxy S3’s Camera. So just read on.


Reduce the Resolution

Reduce the Resolution Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Tricks and Tips

The Samsung Galaxy S3 let us Capture Photographs in Six Different resolutions, i.e. from 0.3 Mega-Pixels to 8 Mega-Pixels. As we all know that High Resolution Photograph are big in size and it takes longer to Process and Upload to any Service Like Facebook etc. So alternatively we can Drop down the Camera’s Resolution to 3.2 Mega-Pixels which will make our Uploading process fast.

Not only the Uplaoding goes Fast, but this Tip also takes and Occupy less space on our Internal Memory or the Micro-SD Card. The same Tip can be applied while shooting the Videos. As the Samsung Galaxy S3 can Shoot Videos and Movies at Full HD Resolution ( i.e. 1080p ), so we can drop its resolution to 720p instead and it will also look Fantastic while viewing and we can even send the 720p recorded movie via MMS.

Customize the interface

Customize the Interface Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Tricks and Tips

We can use this Tip to Customize the Interface of our Galaxy Camera. There are the Four Icons Running Down the Side of the Screen in the Camera. Press and Hold any one of them. After that a Grid appears, simply Drag those you use most Frequently onto the Bar to Replace the Defaults.

Use the Flash

Galaxy S3 Flash Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Tricks and Tips

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has an Impressive LED Flash, which we do not have to Reserve for Dim Light Conditions, it can also be used to great effect in Daylight to Counter Act Dark Shadows as a ” Fill Flash ” when you take Photographs and Videos.

The Samsung Galaxy S (like all modern cameraphones), doesn’t include an Optical Zoom so as to keep the Cost down, instead there is a Digital Zoom, but by using this, it enlarges the Pixels thus Reducing the Quality Significantly.

Use Scene Modes

Scene Modes Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Tricks and Tips

The Galaxy S3 does not let us set the shutter manually like provided in some other Dedicated Cameras, but Slow and Fast Shutter Commands are Included as Scene Modes. We can select Sports for a Fast Shutter to Capture Fast Moving Action and Night Mode for Occasions when we want a Slower Shutter.

There is also a Metering Mode that determines the Exposure ( i.e. Brightness ) of the Photo. If the Metering is Wrong, Elements of Photo can be Too Dark or the Sky can look Bleached Out.

There are 3 options available in Galaxy S3 :

  1. Center Weighted : Where the Light is measured from the middle of the picture.
  2. Spot : Where the Light is measured from a Small Area.
  3. Matrix : Where the Light is measured at several different points and an average is used.

Experiment with them and if you are Unsure, then try to use Matrix Metering.


Samsung Galaxy S3 HDR Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Tricks and Tips

HDR stands for High Definition Range and this option is located in the Camera Settings. It is Useful for Situations with High and Low Contrast areas. This works by taking a Series of Photographs at different Exposure Settings and combining them in Camera, Retaining Shadow and Highlighting the details.
Remember to keep the Camera as still as possible in HDR mode.

Photo Editor

Photo Editor Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Tricks and TipsPhoto Editor is a Dedicated Camera Application available to Download from Samsung Apps. Not only Rotating, Cropping and Adjusting the Exposure of the photographs, we can also use it to add Effects such as Motion Blur, select using the Lasso Selection and Experiment with different Paint Brush Effects.

Photo Editor is a Best Application to tweak the Pictures, available for Free to Download.

Rule of Thirds

Rule Of Thirds Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Tricks and Tips

This option, also known as Guidelines is located in the Camera Settings of the Galaxy S3. We can use to Compose our own Pictures. It replicates the Rule of Thirds Grid used in Photography, by overlaying a Grid on the Screen.

Auto Sync

This option is Turned ON by Default when we Set Up our Gmail Account on the Smasung Galaxy S3. This feature automatically Upload our Pictures to Google Plus.

We can Turn this OFF by going to :

  1. Settings
  2. Accounts and Sync
  3. Click on your Email Address
  4. Untick ” Sync Google Photos “.


These are the most useful Samsung Galaxy S3 Tricks and Tips that we can make use of to maximize our Experience with its Camera.

Hope you find these Tricks and Tips useful. Just drop the Comment and share your Tricks and Tips with Us.

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