You can uninstall Deep Freeze This Way!!!

You can uninstall Deep Freeze This Way!!!

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You can uninstall Deep Freeze This Way!!!


You can uninstall Deep Freeze This Way!!!

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Unfreeze your system by holding SHIFT and DOUBLE CLICKING the deep freeze icon in your system tray, then entering your password and choosing the unfreeze option. After rebooting, run the installer you used to install deep freeze and choose the uninstall button.

Your machine will reboot, and Deep Freeze will be uninstalled.
Deep Freeze is installed on my computer. I would like to uninstall it. How is this done?
Disable Deep Freeze before uninstalling it.
To disable Deep Freeze:

  1. Hold down the shift key and double-click the Deep Freeze icon. Alternatively, you can press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+F6.
  2. Enter your password and click OK.
  3. If you have not yet entered a password you should be able to click OK without entering a password.
  4. The Boot Options dialog is displayed. Select “Boot Thawed” and click OK. This will disable Deep Freeze on the next reboot.
  5. Reboot your computer. After the computer reboots, you are ready to uninstall Deep Freeze.

To uninstall:

  1. Locate the installation file you used to install Deep Freeze on your computer. By default, the name of this file is called “DF5Std.exe” for versions 5.X and “DF6Std.exe” for versions 6.X.
  2. Run the installation file (DF5Std.exe or DF6Std.exe).
  3. Select the option to “Uninstall”

Deep Freeze is uninstalled and your computer is rebooted.


Another Methode:

How to Remove Faronics Deep Freeze 6 & 7 in Three Different Ways

Faronics DeepFreeze is a very powerful application. It virtually prevents all unwanted changes in your computer by freezing an entire hard drive or partition without restricting user access. Deep Freeze is perfect for work stations and is commonly used as a security software to maintain system integrity without sacrificing user experience. Due to this, it is completely logical for the application’s makers to impose a bit of security on to it. The Developers apparently have removed access to any Deep Freeze uninstall utility or procedure because it imposes threat on the software’s purpose.

This security feature may sound quite appealing, however some users that wants Deep Freeze removed are left hanging and does not know where to start on how to uninstall Deep freeze from their system. In this post I will be showing you three different ways to uninstall or remove Faronics Deep Freeze in your system. I will be using the latest version 6.2 of Deep Freeze Standard as an example, however the following instructions also applies to deepfreeze7

Disable Faronics DeepFreeze

The first way is simple. All you you have to do is disable DeepFreeze using the program’s interface. Disabling it is actually good as uninstalling, as the program no longer interferes with your system as you make changes to it. Unless, you decide to re-enable it in the future. To disable Deep Freeze, all you have to is double click while pressing the shift key (shift + double click) on the Deep Freeze system tray icon  [],  which is located in the lower right hand corner of your screen. After doing so, you then see a new window (see image below), which prompts you to enter a password. If you have a custom password then you may enter it accordingly, if you have not set any password yet then try pressing “OK“.

You can uninstall Deep Freeze This Way!!!


After entering the correct password, you will be directed to another window (see image below), which shows you several options for configuring Deep Freeze. To disable Deep Freeze, all you have to do is select the “Boot Thawed” option and click “Apply and Reboot“. This will reboot your system, so it is important for you to make sure that you have saved all unsaved work before restarting.

You can uninstall Deep Freeze This Way!!!


You have just disabled Deep Freeze! And you are free to make any changes on your system without worrying Deep Freeze changing your system. By the way, you can always re-enable Deep Freeze by repeating the whole process and selecting the “Boot Frozen” option in the window shown above.

I personally use this step. I find this very practical because I test a lot softwares and I really don’t want them adding unwanted files into my system. After I have tested an application, all I have to do is restart my system  and every bit of that software is removed!

Disable All Faronics DeepFreeze Services

The second way to uninstall DeepFreeze involves the first procedure above plus another added step. While the procedure above may be enough, it still shows an icon of Deep Freeze [] in your system tray. This icon is completely useless, it only indicates that you have deep freeze in your system and the red x means that it is disabled. To remove this icon all you have to do is disable the Deep Freeze service from the start-up. You can do this by typing the command services.msc in the run dialog box. Once you are in the services window, locate the service name DFserv and right click on it and select properties (refer to image below).

You can uninstall Deep Freeze This Way!!!

After clicking properties, stop and disable the service. Refer to the image below for instructions. Note that a restart is needed for changes to take effect on your system.

You can uninstall Deep Freeze This Way!!!

After restarting, at this point you no longer have any Deep Freeze service or application running at the background of your system. Also the system Deep Freeze Icon should be gone. You are still able re-enable Deep Freeze by reversing the whole process.

Completely Remove DeepFreeze


If you really need to completely remove Deep Freeze from your system then you mustcomplete the first step, which is to Disable Faronics Deep Freeze . Restart your computer. After restarting locate the Deep Freeze installer [] and run it, it should prompt the whole removal process and all you have to do is follow the steps. I have provided screen-shots below to further assist you.

You can uninstall Deep Freeze This Way!!!

Click Next…

You can uninstall Deep Freeze This Way!!!


Click Uninstall and you’re done.

There, I just taught you how to remove/disable Deep Freeze in three different ways. Feel free to choose which method suites you best. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post your comments below. Good Luck!

Thank You All !!!

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