OVIJATREE (অভিযাত্রী)


OVIJATREE (অভিযাত্রী)

OVIJATREE (অভিযাত্রী) is a helpful organization for poor, needy and education deprived children and students. Our motto is “Education is the Solution (ES)”. OVIJATREE (অভিযাত্রী) aims to provide quality education especially for the children and students from the under privileged portion of the society. Along with education, it also tries to fulfill the basic needs of these children and students. OVIJATREE (অভিযাত্রী) also participate other charity work.


Motto : “Education is the Solution (ES)”.

Commencement : 1th April 2010 (Centrally)
24th July 2010 (Root level)

Place : Pallabi Mazedul Islam Model High School.

Initially Funded by : Students of Male Wing & Female Wing of Osmani Hall; Mirpur Cantonment; Dhaka-1216.

Goals & Objectives :
1. To work for the betterment of the poor, needy & education deprived children and students of our society.
2. To ensure quality education for the unprivileged but meritorious students.
3. To help the street children as much as possible.
4. To stop the unsafe child labor & direct them to a better option.
5. To enlighten every unprivileged family with the light education.
6. To develop heath consciousness especially among the children and students.

Our Programs :
1. To help poor, needy & education deprived children and students by giving financial support.
2. Always keep them in touch and to look after their studies.
3. To give academic books, pens, pencils & other educational goods.
4. Sometimes to give them foods.
5. To provide moral education to the children to lead then towards the path of honesty.
6. To teach them on health awareness.
7. Arranging weekly meetings to make future work plan and betterment of our activities.

Our Future Plan :
1. To establish a “OVIJATREE (অভিযাত্রী)” school where poor, needy & education deprived children and students are study with a minimum cost.
2. To make them self reliant by involving them in various earning activities.
3. To be established as a registered social benevolent organization.
4. Ensuring financial assistance to the students involved.
5. Come forward to take any initiative helpful for the students as well society.
6. Publishing a magazine from this organization.

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