MMC card password recovery

MMC card password recovery

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MMC card password recovery

This solution for Phone that have execution file name : on folder z:\system\app\
Note :
Not all S60 Phone have this execution file.
To unlock Memory Card :
– Run execution file
– Enter new Password you like (example “12345”)
– Run app Memory (Phone app Memory Standard)
– Choose To Unlock MMC with that new password

Every times you set to lock ur Memory Card with lock password , phone made a file to save your password with file name mmcstore – you can find ths file in folder c:\system\.
Note :
To see the file you must set ur file browser app to show hidden files.

To get your Lock Password :

– Send that file into your PC
– Change file extension with .txt
– Open that file using app Notepad
– You will see your lock password


(This way not always success)
– Make sure that your phone have app Notepad
– Copy that file into other folder
– Change its attribute not a system file and not a hidden file
– Change its extension with .txt
– Run app Notepad on your Phone
– Open that file
– You will see your lock password

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