International Cricket Captain 2012


International Cricket Captain 2012
Image International Cricket Captain 2012

International Cricket Captain is back for 2012, ready for an action packed season of international and domestic fixtures. South Africa tour England for the honour of being top of the Test rankings, and the World 20 over cup takes place in September. Whether you enjoy the ultimate challenge of test matches or the cut throat world of twenty over cricket, International Cricket Captain 2012 returns with new leagues and gives you the chance to conquer at international and domestic level.

For the first time you can compete in the star studded Indian and Australia twenty over leagues. Building a team has never been more satisfying as you compete against the best in the world for silverware. The aggressive and competitive transfer market adds another depth of challenge to this highly addictive format of the beautiful game.

Cricket Captain 2012 – Features
More game play options & features
*New Indian twenty over league.
*New format Australian and English twenty over leagues.
*Complete English and Australian domestic systems.
*Updated team kits for all domestic and international teams.
*Save retired player statistics.
*The addition of historical data gives you the chance to compare your players with the greatest cricketers of all time.

Download the actual game first and install the game
Reminder: There is a trial reset not a actual crack for this game
Download the trial reset and paste the files into the game folder
Click the loader.exe file to reset the trial (run as admin for Windows 7)

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