How To Create Google AdSense Account With Hubpages


Hi everybody, how are you? Welcome to in my Google AdSense approved techniques post. Now i am going to discuss an alternative easy tricks for getting Google AdSense account. It’s with

How To Approve Google AdSense Account With Hubpages


How To Create Google AdSense Account With Hubpages

  1. First you have to signup in Hubpages by clicking the “Join Now” button.
  2. Then publish  10/20 unique hubs.
  3. Click “My Account” button in the upper right-side corner and click the “Earnings” tab across the top menu.
  4. Click the “Get Started” button from Affiliate Settings.
  5. Now, select the the second one for creating new Google AdSense account.
  6. After all, Type your email address in the email field to sign up Google AdSense.
  7. Within a few moments they will sent you a email. Complete the requirements and sent it.

Then you will get your google adsense account within a few days.


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